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End of an Era

Posted on 27 March, 2021 in

Today I have made the decision to bring an end to something I love doing - running.

Michael Banks Running

From the age of 20 I have battled with a ruptured ACL in my left knee, meaning that the knee is not as stable as it should be. Over the years I have managed to cope with this, and have managed to complete some epic challenges. Unfortunately I have found recently that I am now getting pain in my knee and the surrounding muscles due to the continuous pounding that they take when I run, and the latest injury has caused me to have 4 months off training, struggling to walk properly for the first month. Physio treatment has not managed to help this at all, so I have made the decision that unless I was to seek further investigation which would probably lead to surgery that I do not want, I would like to continue to be able to walk without pain into my future, and to stop running all together.

Not only does that mean I am going to be missing out on something that I have loved to do ever since my later school years, it is going to stop my current focus of trying to qualify for Team GB Age-Group at Middle Distance Duathlon... I am gutted!

With ever door that closes, another one opens... so I am now going to concentrate on cycling, as I seem to be able to take part in this without much discomfort at all. I will work my way back to fitness and find some different challenges to take on...

Watch this space!

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