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About Me


772105_1147_0007Hello, and welcome to my website. This site is dual purpose for me, firstly as a place I can keep a record of my health and sporting journey, and secondly as a place where I hope I can inspire others to take their own journey to live a healthy life.

So, a little about me…

As a child I was always very active. If I was not playing football or cricket, you would find me down the park playing some other sport with friends or family members. As I got a little older, the football continued to the point I was playing 3-4 competitive matches a week, and also training most days (not always football training). At the age of 20 my sporting career was well and truly interrupted when I ruptured my anterior cruciate ligament in my left knee, and in that moment my football career was over. As much as I tried in my rehab, I just could not get the knee back to a position that I could play contact sport again without having another operation to replace the missing ligament which would have meant a massive interruption to my life, with time off work required. It just was not something I was prepared to do, so decided then it was time to move on.

A couple of years later my sporting career continued on the cricket field – I found that my knee was strong enough to withstand the rigours of village cricket, so the is what I did for the next 3 years, taking me up to age 25. At this stage I started to have a family with my wife, who I married the year before, and the cricket was given up for spending time with my family at weekends.

A couple of years later I decided that I needed to get involved in some sort of sport again, and stumbled back into running, which I did on and off for the next 6 years, never really sticking with it long enough to really find my fitness properly. During this time I entered the ballot for the London Marathon, but each time I did I got the rejection magazine through my door.

During a holiday in 2014 I took a look at myself, and noticed that I had put on a lot of weight, and did not like the way I looked. This prompted me to again start running when I got back from that holiday. Just after I started running again I had a chance meeting with on of my clients from work, a charity called KidsOut and we got talking about fund raising and them becoming our nominated charity for the year. As the conversation progressed, it became apparent that they had a charity place available for the London Marathon in 2015. Having wanted to take part in the Marathon for many years, I jumped at the chance – finally I had my place in the London Marathon, all I had to do was get fit (at the time I could barely run 2 miles), and raise enough money to cover the sponsored entry.

I went about my training by joining the local triathlon club, who gave me so much support and encouragement, and pounding the streets of my town several nights a week. After 2 months of training I was getting a little frustrated that I was not making the progress I had hoped. Around the same time I saw someone on Facebook posting about a product I had never heard of. We got talking and she said it could help my training, and we went through the advantages it could give me. I decided to give the product a try, and I have not looked back since. The product was Juice Plus, and that coupled with my training enabled me to get down to a decent weight, and also gave me other benefits directly related to my training, such as quicker recovery times and increased energy.

In April 2015 I completed my goal of finishing the London Marathon, and since have moved on to compete in several Triathlon races. I now have set myself a new goal of completing the hardest Ironman race on the planet in 2017 – Ironman Lanzarote.

I hope you will follow and support me on my journey, and I hope my journey will inspire you to take your own journey into leading a healthy life…