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A Million Miles from Lanzarote…

This is the first of what will be regular posts from now on highlighting how my training is going, and any events I have tackled along the way. So, a million miles from Lanzarote, what is all that about I hear you say... This post was originally planned for a few...
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Blueberry, Pear & Banana Overnight Oats

Blueberry, Pear & Banana Overnight Oats - Delicious and easy way to start the day, this filling breakfast will slowly release energy, keeping you going until lunchtime! - Rolled Oats, Coconut Milk, Pear (chopped into small pieces), Banana...
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Training and Variety

Training for an Ironman could seem quite repetitive... lots of swimming, cycling and running, you could imagine it getting quite boring. To help mix things up I have decided to enrol on a few different types of fitness class, firstly to help keep things a little more...
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Matt & Tracy’s Wedding

I do not get to shoot many weddings these days, so when I was asked to shoot a wedding for some friends from school, I was more than happy to take on the job.

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Run – 17 January 2016

After a night of snow, I decided to leave my run until later in the day to try and give the snow a chance to disappear. When I went out, the snow had not totally gone, so I took this run very easy in places, as it was still quite slushy, but it's more KM's under the...
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